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Ready To Thrive?

Healing is a journey, but the most incredible journey.

You will get to learn a bit about me. It is my mission to share my authentic life. The good and the not so good..... why? Because all we see on social media is all the highs, but not many are willing to share the lows.

The lows in life are completely normal. Everyone has good and bad days, that's life. I want people to know that they are not alone. That it is ok to have a bad day and my mission is to help you with skills to make the day the best you possibly can with the situation you are dealing with.

Healing for me has certainly been a journey. I've had huge struggles especially over the past couple of years. I did not deal with them at the time and just pushed them all down and lived in survival mode because that's the only way I knew how to.

I recently went through something that made me hit rock bottom. I was so far deep in my hole I didn't know how to get out. I was talking to a beautiful friend and she reminded me that I am safe and I am loved. She gave me a contact of a beautiful lady that is a healer and did a course called the spiral.

The spiral is hard to explain but each week we met up over zoom and we worked through my chakras and went on a healing journey. Healing all major traumas throughout my life.

What did I gain from this? I gained my self worth, my power, my confidence, my voice, love for myself and most of all what I can give to others by healing myself. What I can now give to my family by working through stuff that truely paralysed me.

I'm here writing this post to remind you that you are unique and that is your power! It's important to take the time to invest in yourself and heal. There are many ways you can do this, you just need to choose a path that is right for you.

My healing journey certainly has not just been the spiral work although it's been a huge part, I've invested in other programs, books, audios and done with my life coach. I've taken on what I've learnt and then I've learnt some more. I've put things into place from the books I've read and the people I've worked with. Step by step is a step forward.

For any info I share and people I work with please feel free to comment and I can pass their info on.

It can be tough when you are so stuck and feel like you can't get out. But I want you to know you can do it and you are worth it!

Love Bec ❤️❤️

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