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I am breaking the silence

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

I am breaking the silence and speaking my truth. For too long, I have held back, protecting myself from the storms brewing inside. But no more. It's time to release the weight of unspoken thoughts and all this pain.

I believe in the power of honesty and the strength in vulnerability. I’ll no longer remain silent. I'm ready to share what's on my mind, to shed light on the experiences I've kept hidden, and to reclaim my voice.

Speaking our truth can be frightening, as it means opening ourselves up to judgment, criticism and perhaps even confrontation. But it also brings the chance for healing, growth and understanding. And most importantly, it allows us to connect with others who may have similar experiences or be in need of support.

To those who are ready to listen, thank you for being here. Your support means the world to me. I hope that by sharing my truth, it sparks conversations, empowers others to speak up where we can all find comfort and strength.

Remember, our stories are valuable. They have the power to bring about change and inspire others.

To those struggling with their own voices, I encourage you to find a safe space where you can express yourself freely. Whether it's through writing (like I’ve done), speaking with a trusted friend, or seeking professional help, know that you are not alone.

Your voice matters and it deserves to be heard.

I’ve been working with some incredible and inspiring women over the past 4-5 months. All four of these women know my story, my pain and my come back 👏. Each of these ladies have all said that I need to use my voice, I need to speak the truth and share what’s on my heart. So many other people are out there suffering in silence and for me sharing my healing journey they will not feel alone anymore and that will be my driving force…. So here I go.

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