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Life has been tough, but its not forever

Look, life's been throwing some curveballs lately, hasn't it? I know the feeling—sometimes it's like we're caught in this never-ending storm, and you're just wondering when the sun's gonna peek through.

Nothing lasts forever. Yeah, you heard me right. That tough spot you're in? It's not your forever home. We've all been there, trust me. Those moments that make you think, "Is this it?" Nah, it's just a chapter, not the whole story.

So, before you dive deep into the "why me" rabbit hole, take a breath. Because every tough situation? It's got an end date. And you? You've got the strength to weather it and come out the other side.

Keep your head up and your heart open. Because life's got a way of surprising us, and sometimes, that storm clears up way faster than we think.

Love and Light

Bec xx

its not forever
Its not forever

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